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Dear Friends of Floyd Levin,

My name is Dennis Levin, Floyd's son, and I have some very
sad news to report. Last evening [Monday, January 29th, 2007] at
9:30PM, my father returned home with Lucille from dinner and suffered a 
heart-attack. He was pronounced dead immediately.

He had not been in ill health and his death is a shock to

I am with my mother around the clock, along with the loving
assistance of my wife Susan, Floyd's grandson, Marc, his wife Stacey and 
daughter Sydney Ashton. for which Floyd was so proud to be a 
to her.

We are thankful for the years on this planet he graced our
presence and haven't even begun to consider what life will be like without 
as the leader of our family. He will be severely missed.

Funeral serivces will be at Mt. Sinai
in the Hollywood Hills this Friday afternoon [February 2nd, 2007] at
3:00PM. Please call
 Mt. Sinai for directions.
Their telephone number is: 800-600-0076.

You are encouraged to visit www.FloydLevin.com to share your
condolences with the family and any memories of your life with Floyd and
Lucille. These stories will undoubtedly be a source of comfort to Lucille
during this very trying time

In lieu of flowers, Lucille asked that donations be made to
the National Heart Association or Alzheimer's Association. If you wish to 
cards and letters to the family, please send them c/o Susan and Dennis 
Levin, 137 N. Larchmont Boulevard, #186, Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Thank you for your prayers,

Dennis Levin and Family

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