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Tue Jan 30 20:11:34 PST 2007

Same cat. During his Air Force Band days in DC he wrote some nice 7 piece
and 6 piece combo charts I heard played several times.


> Ron Wheeler wrote:
> Interestingly, there's another musician named Sam Nestico, who for a long
> time was an arranger for big military bands... USMC, USAF, etc.
> ==============
> Ron, I believe you are referring to Sammy Nestico, a trombone player who
> went on to author some killer Count Basie charts such as ³Hayburner², and
> ³Switch In Time² among many others.  These are outstanding precision jazz
> charts which I¹ve been privileged to play. I¹ve also heard a down-tempo
> Nestico arr of the familiar ³All Through The Night² which is characterized
> by the rich and subtle modulations which seem to be his trademark.  I
> really
> enjoy his work.
> David Dustin
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