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Martin Jelsema mjelsema at comcast.net
Mon Jan 29 17:28:58 PST 2007

Being an obsessive and compulsive personality, I've got a problem. When Glen
mentioned six Columbia's by Condon, I went up stairs and counted mine. I'm
missing one, perhaps two. If someone can name the missing original albums,
I'd be grateful. Here are the ones I own:



Treasury of Jazz

The Roaring 20's

Jammin' at Condons

And one on which Condon is represented on one side only - Coast to Coast Jam


What am I missing?


And another thing.after hearing about the movie, Swing, I went to Amazon and
purchased a used VSR for $0.49 plus shipping. They had another 10 copies all
below $2.00. I also picked up Wild Man Blues, the Woody Allen band tour
documentary for buck plus shipping, and there were more to be had cheap.


Martin Jelsema




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