[Dixielandjazz] Wynton & Wild Man Blues (With BOB WILBER)

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Tue Jan 30 11:04:26 PST 2007

Dave Hansen wrote:

- > I must disagree with Mt. Ringwald's critique

What does Mt. mean?

> of the trombone solo played by Wycliffe Gordon......it was neither over
> any line, hokey nor was he making fun of traditional players. It was a
> complete, well thought out, well played trombone solo, and I don't think
> you, buy your remarks, have a clue.

In the first place, I understand that there was two trombone players.  I
don't know which one was doing the corney stuff.

Ihn the second place, to disagree is fine.  But to tell me that I don't have
a clue is extremely rude and unnecessary.

Leave the playing to the players,

I happen to be a player and feel that I have a right to creatic the Wild man
Blues performance.  If you notice, I said, "In my opinion."

but you do have your opinion, which in this case, in my opinion is flawed.

You have a right to your opinion.  However, I feel that you have no right to
be rude.

--Bob Ringwald

Dave Hanson
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  Re: Wynton's "Wild Man Blues," Jim Kashishian wrote:

  Steve Barbone wrote:

  How do list mates hear this performance? Too modern?

  Jim Kashishian answered:

  > I hear it as "hot"....especially the last trombonist!  Why do you assume
  > folks will hear it as modern?  Everybody used licks from way back &
  > blended
  > them nicely with newer things.

   Bob Ringwald replies:

  I loved it.  However, while the trombonist played a great solo, IMHO, he
  a little hokey or corny in a couple of spots.  He went over the line just
  bit.  Possibly like a modern player making just a little fun of the
  Traditionalist.  But all in all, it is a great performance.

  --Bob Ringwald

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