[Dixielandjazz] "Swing" and "There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens"

David Dustin postmaster at fountainsquareramblers.org
Mon Jan 29 15:52:16 PST 2007

At last, somebody else who really enjoys the great British comedy, ³Swing².
I give it 4 stars but am biased toward any flick with great music, great
dancing, and about jazz bands. Though not well known on this side of the
pond, it is one of my favorites and prized in my VHS collection. The black
sax player who mentors the Hugo Speer character in his dream to learn tenor
and form a kicking swing band in Liverpool on release from prison is none
other than Clarence Clemons, who is with Bruce Springsteen¹s E Street Band
and played all the sax solos very well; love his growl.  The music is
outstanding and the plot is great, with some really funny characters, from a
skinhead drummer to a horn section made up of Orange Men (from the Ulster
Defense League in northern Ireland) and a bad-ass cop.  Bandleaders anywhere
can relate to the main character¹s hilarious struggle to put a band together
to play any music that doesn¹t involve 3 guitars and drums.  Lisa Stansfield
has great pipes and is easy on the eyes...

David Dustin

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