[Dixielandjazz] Al Hirt - Bio - "Jazz Musician or Pop Player?

glen page gpage at dccnet.com
Wed Jan 24 13:56:27 PST 2007

To quote you " taking things out of context...." and by modifying the intent
a little I would like to take you to task for stating that that the Ava
Maria for the Pope was his most important work.

The passage that you posted showed that Al regarded it as "one of his most
important works"

I am sure that you, as a former lawyer would not hesitate to point out this
difference before the Bench.

Normally I would ignore this error but as a number of posters have been so
picky in their responses I felt that I was obliged to point out that all you
read on DJML is not necessarily accurate.

Despite Bob Ringwald's earlier comments it must be time for an end to this

Cheers, Glen Page.

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