[Dixielandjazz] What carnage! What confusion!

Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Wed Jan 24 09:58:16 PST 2007

There's some amount of fixation in the contributions by regulars on 
well-worn topics. I'm part of the problem, if it is a problem. But all 
things run their course and I just press the delete button on topics I 
don't like (eg., Woody Allen, the death of trad) or when a topic that 
interests me gets tiresome (eg., corny vs. red hot jazz). In any case, 
why not let folks indulge if they want to? No, harm, no foul as long as 
the exchange is civil.

I confess that chiming in can be a bit addictive, which is why I signed 
off for a long time and likely will again soon because a couple of 
writing projects are coming up--I'm editing a book of my late son's 
writings and working on an article on my grandfather, a larger than 
life riverboat pilot who died on board in 1905 at age 42.

While I have your attention, though, here's why I think that the bands 
I don't like are corny and the ones I do like play jazz....AAAARGH!--I 
almost  did it again!

Charlie Suhor

On Jan 23, 2007, at 10:23 PM, David Dustin wrote:

> Gosh!  It’s plain to see that the DJML is nothing if not a hotbed of
> dissent...but from what?  Pick any five regulars on this list and 
> you’ll
> find at least six opinions staunchly advocated.  In the couple of 
> months
> since I became aware of this forum the debate has veered from fixation 
> on
> the musical merits (or not) of Woody Allen, to fixation on what killed 
> trad
> jazz (in the USA that is) or not, and now to a ferocious fixation on 
> the
> question of whether cartoon music that sounds like jazz actually IS 
> jazz.
> (Oooooo, that wascally Waymond Scott and his Fellow Travelers...)  How 
> you
> greybeards who still gig regularly after 60 years with a horn in your 
> mouth
> AND find time to do the OKOM festival circuit can muster the energy to 
> keep
> contributing to this “black hole” of controversy (everything goes in,
> nothing comes out) beats the hell out of me.
> I’m going back to the woodshed and continue my search for the lost 
> chord.
> David Dustin
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