[Dixielandjazz] girl singers in bathing suits

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Tue Jan 23 20:38:25 PST 2007

Shame on you you old pervert!!

Yes, I have pictures of all of them in their birthday suits, 
unfortunately they were about 75 when they were made but hey they 
probably were still Hotties to some of the OKOM crowd :))  I'll send em 
to you off list, but you can get em faster from Bob ROMANS HE SENT EM 
TO ME, we double date a lot :))  They are on the 2007 Calendar,

 Just kidding of course.

  Old Musos road gag, and yes I fell for it hook line and sinker when I 
was young studly type. :))

 Ya got any naked pictures of your WIFE ? NO ? WANNA BUY SOME ?


Tom still lookin' at you kids :))

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  I have a great autographed pinup picture of June Christy in a bathing 
 I showed Duncan Scheidt the picture last weekend when I was in
  Indianapolis. He said he had one of Connie Haines in a bathing suit. 
 aware of
  similar shots of other singers of that era? Helen Forrest, Peggy Lee, 
 Hutton, Martha Tilton, Helen O'Connell, especially Helen Ward, etc.?
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