[Dixielandjazz] Al Hirt: Not jazz?

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And that folks Shows to Go You that Bill Haesler is not only a Scholar 
but a real Gentleman as well. :))

And While I did like Al Hirt for a time, I am certain he is also under 
represented in my collection but not as under represented as Pete 
Fountain, & Bix  and a few others for that matter.


Tom Wiggins

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    > "............ He is not a jazz trumpet and never was a jazz 
Maybe not ONLY jazz, but not jazz at all?  Would Mr Hirt agree with 

Dear Fr Mike,
You've started something with that one!
Perhaps though, we should all read the full text of the CD notes quoted 
the Worlds Records' blurb before sounding off.
However, I will make no further comment as Al Hirt is deliberately
under-represented in my record collection.
Kind regards,

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