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Max Hughes maxuuu at connexus.net.au
Tue Jan 23 19:29:03 PST 2007

Gluetje1 at aol.com wrote:

>Yep, you are in a big difference of opinion with me--if not also big  
>trouble--and Steve too, as a matter of fact.
>These youngsters do NOT need our advice on what they should do different or  
>what instrument/s they should add or eliminate.  Read their press, check  
>their upcoming gigs.  One more time, note that their oldest member is age  20 and 
>figure out what we were doing at age 20!

At the risk of starting an international "incident", I have to stick my 
neck out on this one, and fly the flag for Michael and his group.

The Rythmakers are one really HOT jazz band, and play to packed houses 
here in Oz.  They were at our Jazz Club last Friday night, and it was 
booked out 2 months before.

Someone mentioned the excellence of the clarinet player - there are 
actually 2 of them, both former members of this fine list.  Some of our 
older friends will no doubt remember  Jason Downes, and the ribbing he 
got for the group he started with, the Hot B Hines.  He plays all the 
reeds, while Michael Mcquaid, who started off on clarinet, is now a very 
talented multi instrumentalist,  and handles trumpet, clarinet and sax 
on their sets.

Both of them  have degrees in music, and Michael loves to recreate the 
sounds of the old hot dance bands.  But they also play the usual jazz 
standards, old Graeme Bell compositions, and even some Michael has 
composed himself.

And as for the vocalist, Sandra Talty - to me she is one of a kind, and 
absolutely brilliant on vocals and drums.  I seem to remember she even 
dabbles a little on tenor banjo.

Sorry, I have to go and lie down - I'm getting too excited.

Max Hughes

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