[Dixielandjazz] Amplifier recommendations fordigital keyboard?

Audrey Van Dyke audrey at callitmusic.com
Mon Jan 22 18:25:48 PST 2007

Our jazz club has a digital piano that we bring to gigs where no piano 
is available.  Most of these gigs have full sound systems that we can 
hook the piano into.  However, there is one indoor venue we are going to 
start to use that has no piano, meaning we bring the digital, and no 
in-house sound system.  We would like to have a portable amp we can 
provide along with the piano to allow it to be heard in a typical trad 
jazz band.  Any of the piano players on the list have any 
recommendations from your personal  experience?  Cost and convenience of 
carrying around are factors in the purchase.
Thanks, Audrey Van Dyke

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