[Dixielandjazz] Fwd: Small wedding gig for Sacramento

tcashwigg at aol.com tcashwigg at aol.com
Sun Jan 21 18:06:12 PST 2007

Hey Sacramento guys:  here is a small gig for ya.

Trumpet, Bass ,and Sax,   Look out she must be a Chick Singer and will 
want to sing with the band :))

Somebody go get it.

Tom Wiggins

Subject: Small wedding gig  for Sacramento

 Jazz trio wanted for cocktail hour - one time gig

   email Reply to:      comm-266237221 at craigslist.org

  Date: 2007-01-21, 3:15PM PST

   I'm looking for a trio of jazz musicians to play at the cocktail hour 
at my wedding. I'll pay you each $100 for one hour or play time and 
free drinks. This will be a formal gig, you'll need a suit or tux, at a 
local hotel. Cocktail hour will be outside, lakeside and you're welcome 
to stay on for dinner if you'd like! I'll need names and references for 
all three of you, a demo of some kind, and a repertoire of big band/old 
jazz/oldies, but I’m really open to the play list. I'm looking for 
professionalism before experience, so students welcome!!! I'm open to 
the pieces in the trio, but think a trumpet, bass and sax are a nice 
combo. Email me if you’re interested, or would like to recommend 
someone. Please only respond if you already have a group in mind and/or 
formed, no single musicians please.

           Location: Sacramento

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