[Dixielandjazz] Marek's problems

Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com
Sun Jan 21 08:52:51 PST 2007

>Andy Ling wrote:
>>The short of it is that the message he (Marek) sent me is not plain
>I wrote to Marek to tell him about using Cc for the DJML address, and
>to let
>him know there is an attachment in his messages to DJML. The
>attachment is
>called:  ATT00152.txt
>This is something called NOTEPAD, and contains the following

Notepad is the program used by Windows by default to read text files
Any file with the .txt ending will get loaded into notepad.

>In Marek's message back to me, his text was there and it was of the
>variety. The attachment was not on his email.

Marek's email to me was plain text in that it did not have any graphics
but there was formatting information. The font was not the default
courier monospaced, line spacing was different and the font size was
different. All this information gets sent by the email program by
"enhancing" the text sent. This may be done by HTML or RTF. The point
is, it is more than just the characters of the text. So it is not "Plain

>One should rembember that we all have read messages from Marek on
>before his textless messages started coming through. He has
>obviously done
>something nasty on his mailer page, but isn't aware of it.

I don't know what email system Marek uses and unfortunately I'm
stuck on the end of a web interface to mine, so I cannot examine
all the mail headers to find out. But it sounds like something has
changed. Maybe a change at his service provider or a patch to his OS

>I've written this as a fact sheet on the history of his problem, and
>what I
>have observed. I am not the one to offer the solution, but hope
>else may be able to.

OK, I've gone one step further. I am assuming from Marek's email address
that he is using walla.com as his email system. So I've signed up (it's
free) and registered with DJML from there and will try a few test
email. Watch this space...

Andy Ling

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