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Having moved 10,000 LPs this last time and having moved my collection as it
grew to 10,000 any number of times, I'll suggest the following...

Whatever-Mart and or rental truck agencies sell boxes specifically for
moving "heavy objects like books, records or canned goods" that exactly fit
LP records.  I'm not sure of the price at whatever Mart, but the Uhaul
places will sell the for a buck a box and it is well worth it.  Each box
holds a little over 100 LPs and it comes in under the 50 lb. limit that the
movers want.  These are sturdy and work quite well.

If you are using movers and have them boxed, they will take them and go.  If
you are moving yourself, go to your nearest college or even high school and
hire a couple of guys to load them (and a couple more to unload them) at the
destination.  This usually cost me about $20 a kid. Haven't moved since
2002, so it may be a little higher.  Again, it is well worth it.

Records (I've collected since 1952 when I lived in New Orleans) MUST be
stored vertically, (on edge). If you store them in stacks, the weight to the
top records presses any and all dirt and other tripe into the groves of the
bottom records, making it almost impossible to get it out.  Milk crates are
good IF THE RECORDS WILL FIT. Many milk create makers deliberately made
crates a half inch too small, to keep the creates from being "barrowed" too
much in the 60/70's.

Be careful buying commercial crate like things in whatever-Mart etc.  Some
are quite light and don't really work.  LPs are heavy and the edges of the
plastic ribs on many of the crates commercially available are sharp.  It is
very difficult to pick them up and handle them if you don't choose carefully
when you buy them (and usually pay a little more.) Milk crates are not good
to move records cross country because they aren't protected and can spill

Finally, yes I do listen to my records pretty much every day.  About the
first 800 to 1000 are OKOM, the next 3500 are jazz in general. After there
it's catch as catch can, (including Buxtehude.) I have begun to break up the
collection (I'm almost 70 and know that no one else will take care of it if
I'm not around -- it's not that my daughter doesn't want it, it's just that
it's too big/too much/ etc.  I've been selling concert band and school type
stuff on Ebay and find there is an excellent market for it.

I'll be happy to answer any questions if there are any.


Martin D. McKay, Designated Listener (and mover)
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sounds interesting...

BTW, since you brought up moving records - does anybody know the best way to
estimate how many boxes I will need to store my 3000~ LPs for a while? I am
guessing that a 12x12x6 inch box would be the best size (not too heavy when
loaded with records.)

The last time I moved my collection was in car load by car load in larger
boxes. I don't want to do that again!

Dave Richoux

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