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I'm glad to get the 2nd verse.
Here's the second, BOYS, Chorus:
[BOY'S lyrics]
|There’s a somebody I’m     longing to see./
   I hope that she/     turns out to be/
|Someone who’ll     watch/ over     me.///    ////
I’m a little lamb whose     lost in the wood./
   I know I could     always be good/
|To one who’ll      watch/ over     me.///    /She may be
Far, she may be   nearby,/ I'm   promis-/ing   hereby/; to
My heart/ she'll   carry/ the   key.///   ////
|And this world would be like   Heaven if she'd/
   follow my lead,/   Oh how I need/
|Someone to   watch/ over   me.///   /|||

> Words - Ira Gershwin
> There's a  saying old, says that love is blind,
> still were often told, "Seek and ye  shall find."
> So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've
> had, in  mind.
> Looking ev'rywhere, haven't found him yet,
> he's the big affair I  cannot forget.
> Only man I ever think of with re-
> gret.
> I'd like to add  his initial to my
> monogram.
> Tell me, where is the shepherd for
> this,  lost, lamb?
> There's a somebody I'm longing to see,
> I hope  that he, turns out to be,
> someone who'll watch, over
> me.
> I'm a little  lamb who's lost in a wood,
> I know I could, always be good,
> to one who'll  watch, over
> me. Although he
> may not be the man some girls
> think of, as  handsome, to
> my heart, he carries, the
> key.
> Won't you tell him please  to put on some speed,
> follow my lead, oh, how I need,
> someone to watch,  over
> me.
> When you're all alone, life is never gay,
> and  I've got to own, thing are looking grey.
> But I know there's someone who will  come my
> way, some day.
> Though I'm by myself I should hate to  be,
> sitting on the shelf, I prefer a knee!
> And I'm sure there's somebody  who's meant for
> me.
> Somewhere I know there's a heart that isn't
> hard or  cold.
> Somewhere there is a hand that I
> long, to, hold.
> (To  Chorus)
> Lewis D.  Custode, Jr., CLU, ChFC, CASL
> Trumpet/vocals
> Barroom Buzzards
> Buffalo, NY
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