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> agreed
> cartoons used all sorts of music, usually the popular music of the day 
> which appeals to mass audiences. Jazz, OKOM, Big Band Swing or Jazz, Hot 
> Dance Music, Mouldie Fygge, Looney Tunes Music, Trad, Cartoon Music - call 
> it what you want. It was the popular music of the day when soundtracks 
> were first applied to cartoons.
> Although cartoons are no lonker being produced in the same way for picture 
> shows at movie houses, many modern films use the popular music of today 
> e.g. the film"Men In Black. The music by Danny Elfman is really 
> impressive. I even bought the soundtrack CD.
> Any attempt to categorize the music only ends up with a clash of opinions. 
> I know what I like and to me the Portena is playing red hot jazz. I won't 
> argue further.
> best regards
> Tony Orr
> banjo - Wombat Jazz Band
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>> For all that is being made of 'cartoon music' and its demeaning OKOM
>> connotations, I'm surprised that there's been no mention of the volumes 
>> of
>> cartoons that have made use of classical music.  That being said, is 
>> there
>> anyone here who disdains Peer Gynt, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Poet &
>> Peasant, Light Cavalry, The Hungarian Rhapsody, The Rumanian Rhapsody, ad
>> infinitum, as nothing but mere 'cartoon music'?
>> Does the use of a piece of music in light entertainment cheapen the music
>> itself, or does it just broaden the audience who might otherwise not 
>> toddle
>> off to the old concert hall [or jazz joint, for that matter] to hear it?
>> I've come to appreciate a lot of classical music that I was first exposed 
>> to
>> by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck & company.  If others can come to enjoy OKOM by 
>> a
>> similar experience, I see nothing but good coming from that.
>> Ron [don't EVEN get me started on The William Tell Overture!] Wheeler
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