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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 17 13:35:46 PST 2007

Stan Brager at sbrager at socal.rr.com wrote:

> Steve;
> If we extend your remarks about Raymond Scott's music, then, we must also
> conclude that the other tidbits of symphonies, operas, other classical and
> popular music is also "cartoon music. Do you agree?

Not entirely, as Scott's Music applies to many cartoons whereas the others
apply to one carton, or a snippet of music to one cartoon.
> There was a cartoon based upon Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro". Is that also
> "cartoon music"?

Not withstanding the above opinion, that small portion of the music from
"The Marriage of Figaro" ONLY AS IT RELATES to that particular cartoon,
could be called cartoon music. But Opera in its "original" form is not
cartoon music, and more than jazz in its original form is cartoon music.
Relating that back to Portena, IMO, that is not jazz in its original form.
> Was the music used in Disney's "Fantasia" also "cartoon music".

No, IMO Fantasia was not a cartoon. It was the third in a Disney series of
Animated full length films. it contained many innovations such as the use of
stereophonic sound. I would categorize it as an "Animated Musical", not as a
cartoon. Maybe splitting hairs, but a Fantasia is a "musical work" and a
great way to introduce kids to classical music. Just as cartoon music was a
great way to introduce kids to jazz. For a complete look at Fantasia, see:
> Or are really trying to say that some serious music was used in cartoons?

Partly that and partly that "Cartoon Music" is not a pejorative term as I
used it, although it may be as Bill Haesler opined. (in other usage's)

Steve Barbone

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