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Thanks for the additional information.

When I interviewed Raymond Scott for my radio show, he told me that the
family name was Warnow. He grew up wanting to study engineering in college.
But his brother, Mark, bribed him with a piano to study music instead. When
he went to work as a musician, he didn't want to capitalize on his brother's
fame, so he picked his first and last name at random out of the phone book.
He soon became the director of the CBS studio orchestra and hand-selected
many of the musicians with a view of recording under his own name.

Raymond also studied engineering on his own and that was his first love. The
second of the 2 initial recordings of the Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall
concert on January 16, 1938 was made in Scott's recording studio.

I also spoke with Dave Harris who played tenor on Scott's early sextette
recordings and lived in North Hollywood. He said that the music was written
and arranged by Scott with the exception of the solos which were left to the
players. Once a solo was acceptable to the player, though, Raymond insisted
that it be "set in stone".

Stan Brager

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> Stan Brager wrote:
> > Paul;
> >
> > Raymond Scott wrote "serious" music for his sextette and big band. It
> > not "cartoon" music. However, Call Stallings used many of Scott's themes
> > arrangements as the music director for many of Warner Brothers' "Loony
> > Tunes" cartoons. Stallings also used snippets of themes and arrangements
> > other composers as well his own writing.
> >
> > Among my favorite Scott compositions are "Twilight In Turkey",
> > "Huckleberry Duck", "In an eighteenth Century Drawing Room", "The Toy
> > Trumpet" and "Christmas Night In Harlem".
> >
> > Scott wrote music for commercials, Music for Babies (a series of pieces
> > enhance the life experiences of babies) and experimental music for
> > electronic instruments of his own design (he was a contemporary of
> > Moog).
> >
> > Stan
> > Stan Brager
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> >> I don't see anything pejorative about the term "cartoon" music,
> >> especially if you are referring to real cartoon music such as the work
> >> of Raymond Scott.  He led a sextet that would probably qualify as OKOM.
> >>
> >> -- Paul
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> An additional bit of trivia. Scott was te brother of leader/conductor of
> the "Hit Parade" radio sjo as Mark Warner or Warno (sp?)
> The drummer with the Scott group was John Williams, and his sonis the
> John Willaims, composer of suchfilm socres as Star Wars, Et. Jaws. etc.
> (A high school jazz band mate of mine  and the late drummer Gene Estes).
> Lots of links inthis business, and many examples of father/son examples.
> Stew Pletcher, tumpeter with Norvo and Tom Pletcher, Bixian cornetist of
> today, Perry Botkin, guitarist to Perry Botkin jr. film scorer, etc.
> etc. Even I got in the act.
> Don Ingle

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