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Mon Jan 15 23:13:20 PST 2007

The trouble with the digest is that you can not tell if you are ahead of 
Steve with posting articles relevant to music and jazz in particular! 
Thus I will not quote the whole article on 3B of the Business page. By 
other then the band leader Wynton Marsallis, whom I am sure you are all 
familiar with. It was an interview supposedly.  Regardless of your 
personal opinions of Wynton, he did make some valid points in the 
article comparing business and music. The following may not be one of 
them. Your opinions if you choose.

The artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center was named as one of 
America's Best Leaders in 2006 by Harvard's Kennedy School of Government 
and U.S. News & World Report. What more authority can you ask?

Title of Article: Hot corporations know how to swing.
Sub Title of Article: Wynton Marsalis shows how to put jazz to work.

The article also addresses the subject near and dear to the DJML in the 
past, and recently discussed again, making it doubly relevant.

Question: What is "swing" and how can a business get it?

Answer: Swing is a rhythm, an era in American history, and it is a world 
view.  In this world view, there is a belief in the power of a 
collective ability to absorb mediocre and poor decisions. When a group 
of people working together trust that all are concerned for the common 
good, then they continue to be in sync no matter what happens. That is 
swing.  It's the feeling that our way is more important then my way. 
This philosophy extends to how to treat audiences, consumers, staff or 
dysfunctional families. This may seem idealistic, but think about how 
church congregations recite, nearly together and completely unrehearsed. 
They proceed by feel. Swing is the single objective. It is the core that 
makes us all want to work together.


(You have heard the word. Now go forth and multiply.)

Other quotes:

When you listen to great jazz musicians you hear the respect they have 
for each other's abilities.  During a performances, most of the 
musicians time is spent listening to others.

Everything in jazz and business starts with integrity. Listen to others. 
Respect them. Build trust.

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