[Dixielandjazz] I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas NOT

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Well wet Willie Horton:

Now you know what it means to miss Pismo Beach and sunny California.

And why folks move here from the winter wonderland states fit only for 
Polar Bears in the wintertime.

Put another log on the fire :))   Your gonna really enjoy that spring 
thaw. :))   Hope ya got  few cases of snake bite medicine in the cabin 
to last out the cold snap.


Tom Wiggins

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      But when, three weeks later here in Fort Collins, the f__king 
stuff is still piled shoulder-high in parking lots, it is no dream—it 
is a
   And it sure doesn’t help when you try to relieve cabin fever by going 
to the
DJML and find apostrophes replaced by question marks and messages 
followed by a
foot-long string of unnecessary, undeleted quotes!

  Bill “Unhappy Camper” Horton

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