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Mon Jan 15 10:29:34 PST 2007

And my dixieland band is the "Sheiks of Dixie" and my 20s band is the
"Charleston Sheiks"...

The Middle Eastern theme does indeed relate vaguely to my former vocation,
but it dovetails nicely with the "oriental" theme in 1920s music,
including, the movie "The Sheik" and "The Sheik of Araby" (my SOD's--"Same
old Dreck"--theme song, *of copuirse*). Another tradition is use of
"Barons", "Kings", etc. in band names. As for my dance band, "Sultans of
Swing" ("SOS"...), the name was offered to me by a bar owner because it
was right up my partiocular alley, and at the time (1979), it was the
title of a popular rock tune, so the name recognition factor was

And I use "Sheik" as my cyberspace name because there are so damned many
Davids and Daves, including a couple of David Littlefields, one of whom is
also a banjo plucker...But I'd never use it around Arabs, because they get
insulted and huffy veddy easily about that stuff...

--Shriek d'Agony

At 11:44 PM 01/13/07 -0500, Ginnie wrote:
>And that's only part of the story.  His web site is American Music  CARAVAN.
>One of his groups is SULTANS OF SWING.  Several groups have  the name Sheik
>in the title.  Why, why, why? :?).  I have never ask  Dave why, but I
>there was a relationship between his titles and his bio  which is on the
>copied here.  Scroll to the bottom for his "real life"  bio.  But as I was
>skimming his music bio (again), I just noticed that he  "hates" ride
>cymbals-- and
>have now given him even more esteem that he already  had for being so
>to me on several occasions over the past couple of  years.
>(http://americanmusiccaravan.com/davepage.html) <
>In a message dated 1/13/2007 6:45:47 P.M. Central Standard Time,
>tcashwigg at aol.com writes:
>wonder  what they think of SHEIK Littelfield's fake books :))
>Tom  Wiggins

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