[Dixielandjazz] IAJE & TJEN

David W. Littlefield dwlit at patriot.net
Mon Jan 15 07:37:55 PST 2007

The Traditional Jazz Curriculum project seeks to send (free!) a complete
teaching package to schools all over the country. This includes lead
sheets, a CD with selected trad recordings, and a DVD with instruction on
the various trad instruments, eg Don Vappie on Banjo. 

Dave Robinson is the real deal--endlessly energetic, one of the country's
fine jazz cornet and trumpet players who can play various trad and modern
styles, and leader of a youth band, Capitol Focus, that plays at festivals
around the country and Europe. 

One of the documents on the TJEN website is an excellant description of the
various trad styles. Another section lists music sources.


At 10:02 AM 01/15/07 -0500, Barbone wrote:
>For more about the Traditional Jazz Educators Network (TJEN) and how it is
>now partnering with the IAJE and other organizations, see:
>Please note that one of TJEN's MAJOR GOALS is to established a formal
>teaching programs for New Orleans derived styles of jazz in schools. Because
>in large measure: (per their mission statement)
>----start snip
>"While scholastic jazz education programs are widespread, due in large
>measure to the efforts of IAJE, there currently exists no formalized
>curriculum for the teaching of New Orleans-derived styles. Relatively few
>young people are carrying forward the New Orleans music tradition. . . ."
>----end snip
>It seems that IAJE jazz teachers, were for the most part ignoring OKOM. TJEN
>started the ball rolling along with others. Hopefully they will get a formal
>teaching program established in schools, within the IAJE framework.
>Dave Robinson has done a great job with TJEN so far and it is a continuing
>battle which we might all support.
>Please surf the above site, clicking on the "red" words. When you click on
>"educators list" you might be surprised at how many, or few, you see there.
>However this list is growing and you might support those in YOUR area if you
>are not already doing so.
>You might also contact your local schools and see if your band can play a
>program for them during: -  Black History Month, Mardi Gras, or other such
>relevant dates etc.

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