[Dixielandjazz] Jimmy Haislip; was Jimmy Halslip

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Sat Jan 13 10:46:19 PST 2007

Hi Jack and other Haislip admirers,
At the web site you give below, mention is made of his autobiography, "A  
Long Road to the Bottom".  There is a great deal of wonderful information  in the 
book about Haislip's own life as well as his relationships and work  with 
other jazz musicians.  That page says he distributes it free.  I  did pay a small 
price for my copy.  I just checked and Amazon.com  shows one copy.  I would 
resume you could contact Jimmy for a copy via the  contact information at the 
website below.
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Thanks  to all who gave me info on this fabulous trombone player.

The reason  Google turned up little was that, as Kay Spencer pointed out, I   
spelled his name wrong!  Well, in the write-up for the CD that had  the tune  
heard, his name was mis-spelled as HALSLIP! So when I  found that out, I did  
another search with the right spelling and  came up with a ton of stuff,  
including the fact that he is an  ordained minister and is now Director  of 
The Hope 
Ministries in St.  Louis that specializes in helping kids  in Mindanao. Check 
out this  site:  _http://stlhopeministries.com/hope.swf_  

Thanks again

Jack  Thomas

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