[Dixielandjazz] What happened to Jazz?

Mike mike at railroadstjazzwest.com
Thu Jan 11 19:37:46 PST 2007

Larry Walton Entertainment - St. Louis wrote:
I don't think I put a time line on it exactly but when there is 
money to
> be made it's interesting how popular something gets. You are right about 
> white fans and musicians from the beginning also I didn't say anything 
> about Funk.

Yes that is true about the money thing. People jumped in on the 
rap bandwagon rather quickly. Rap has always had the raunchy 
part from almost the beginning but when it went hardcore(gangsta 
rap) it lost a lot of fans. Nevertheless, rap has remained 
popular and it looks as if it will remain that way for the 
moment. Mostly this has to do with it having splintered into so 
many subgenres(far to many to mention here but the number is 
over 10). Another angle of it is that people like the rhythm in 
rap music. Ive found that people will totally ignore a song's 
lyrics if the beat is attractive enough. When it comes to rap 
there's something there for just about anyone. There's also been 
several attempts to fuse jazz with rap music (as Steve Barbone 
mentioned in a earlier thread a few weeks back).

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