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Mike Woitowicz banjomusic at charter.net
Thu Jan 11 13:51:03 PST 2007


Some of you may know that I reconfigured my Banjo Barons Ragtime Band Trio last year when my plectrum banjo playing partner left the band. I replaced him with a drummer turned washboard player, and we're chugging along as the "Banjo Barons Ragtime Washboard Band these days.

I had to make some more CD's recently, so I bought some studio time and re-mastered some of the tunes, overdubbing the washboard on select numbers. 

Two of the re-mastered tunes are now on my web site -- "It Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing" and "Anything Goes."

If you're interested in some swingin' banjo numbers (and who isn't), go to the site and take a listen. The tunes are in mp3 format.

Go to the site indicated below, click on Banjo Barons, then "sound bytes" and you'll be in banjo heaven.

Mike Woitowicz
The Banjo Barons Ragtime Band
The Dixie Barons Dixieland Band

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