[Dixielandjazz] Humph

Marek Boym nmboym at 012.net.il
Sun Jan 7 13:18:53 PST 2007

Last Tuesday I bought a Humphrey Lyttelto LP "Gigs."
Some of it is excellent, some not worth listening.
It all seems a matter of programming: side two starts with a sublime rendition of a Humph original "The Golden Gumboat," followed by the best version of "Happy Go Lucky Local" I've ever heard.  What follows is all very good, but rather anti-climactic after those two!
"Ah, Mersey!" on side 1, sounds twice as long as it really is, with a weird rhytm Humph describes as "a touch of 'Mersey Beat.'"  Loss of time, and indicates the greatest disadvantage of an LP as compared to CD: there's no "skip" function!  But even without that track and the percussion section of "Caribana Queen," it is still value for money, with some 50 minutes (net) of excellent music.  OKOM, but not Dixieland

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