[Dixielandjazz] Anachronic Jazz Band

Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Sun Jan 7 02:12:32 PST 2007

Michael and all,

If you know how to get from MP3 to CD, I furnish all that you need.  Go to:


Here you will find three folders: two with the MP3s (cd1 & cd2) and one 
with the image files needed to make the book (book).  The images are all 
the same size.  So, by printing the images page centered, you can print 
recto-verso and trim the edges afterwards.  Pair the pages as follows :

book3201.jpg - book0231.jpg
book3003.jpg - book0429.jpg
book2805.jpg - book0627.jpg
book2607.jpg - book0825.jpg
book2409.jpg - book1023.jpg
book2211.jpg - book1221.jpg
book2013.jpg - book1419.jpg
book1815.jpg - book1617.jpg


BTW, a lot of these cats are still playing strong.  Marc Richard has a 
great vocal based big band called the Paris Swing Orchestra.  Our 
trombone man -- Pierre Guicquéro -- plays with them.  I play with Daniel 
Huck a couple of times a year.  What a treat.

All the best, Gary

Michael H. Pittsley wrote:
> Greetings!
> By chance, does anyone have any recordings of the Anachronic Jazz Band?  A
> friend had burned a CD for me a few years ago, but it has since gone bad and
> is unplayable.  I think it may have been exposed to too much heat.
> Their recordings are long out of print.  For those unfamiliar with this
> group, the following link will give more info.
> http://www.answers.com/topic/anachronic-jazz-band
> Whenever I played my now-defunct CD of this band for some of my bop-oriented
> musician friends, they've been totally blown away.
> -MP

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