[Dixielandjazz] Electric recording history

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Wed Jan 3 21:16:12 PST 2007

Admittedly I am not an "expert" on the history of magnetic recording but I do 
recall a lot of the technology was developed by the Germans with a device 
called the Magnetophone which evolved into a WIRE recorder (pre-tape) which 
recorded sounds onto a magnetic wire.  Oddly enough I have a "spool of magnetic 
wire" marketed by Sears and Roebuck... in the original box...I can remember as a 
kid in my early early teens spending hours trying to untangle the wire 
knots...... but I digress... Electric recording was originally clouded in secrecy but 
did originate in Germany and was perfected by such companies as Western 
Electric and RCA.

Hope this adds a bit of knowledge to the subject.  Sure there is some 
information on the subject in the website for the AES - Audio Engineering Society.

Gordon of Northridge

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