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Randy Fendrick jfendrick at bak.rr.com
Tue Jan 2 15:57:19 PST 2007

There was a recent thread re:  European Jazz.  I am constantly amazed 
at the really good jazz that is coming out of Europe.  I am sitting 
here listening to the Brussel's Jazz Orchestra.  Not what some would 
call OKOM,  but a really excellent big band.  For years, I have been 
impressed by the listings of the Nagel-Heyer Records, their web site is 
http://www.nagelheyer.com/.  They constantly supply CD's of OKOM with 
such artists as Randy Sandke, Kenny Davern, George Masso, Wycliffe 
Gordon, et al.  In the states, Arbors and Concord do OKOM but Nagel 
stuff is head and shoulders above in my humble opinion.  Check it out!
I know many have been aware of the Alex Welsh band from the UK.  
Trombonist Roy Williams, who for years worked on that band, is an 
absolute monster.  The first time I heard his cadenza on Tangerine I 
had to play it for every trombone player in town and say, eat your 
heart out!  Then he repeats it again for the encore.  It's on a live 
album entitled Classic Concert,  he absolutely wowed the crowd.    What 
a player!  There is a fairly recent album with he and Bill Allred which 
really cooks.  Pick it up at your local Amazon.com
I really don't know why I should be amazed at the quality of the jazz 
from Europe, since Lt. Jimmy Europe imported our original art form 
there in 1917 and, as someone pointed out the other day, trad jazz was 
the music of choice in the UK until the early sixties.  Much longer 
than that form of music was heard by the general public in the US.  
Many American expatriates live and play in both Europe and Japan today, 
yet they can barely get a gig here.
Anyway, those are my thoughts,

Randy Fendrick,
Southside Chicago Seven
Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra

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