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A funny thing happens to us as we get older:  we finally realize that 
we can't drink all the whisky in that bottle and walk, or empty that 
keg of Beer, ( They must keep making them bigger and holding a lot more 
Beer than they did when we were young).

People do however still Drink when they are Blue and Drink when they 
are Happy too, Drink when they are Broke and drink when they have 
money, it's usually just the difference in the quality of the booze 
they drink at any given time. :))

Except for those W.C. Fields types who just sip sip sip all day long :))

And yes Blues and Beer go together well as does Country Music, Whisky 
or Tequila and Beer to chase it   that seems to be the current drink of 
choice in uppity California right now,  expensive Tequila shots with 
Corona Beer chasers.   YucK :((  not my drink for sure,

I would prefer a "Buttered Nipple"  which is not what is sounds like 
even though I would  certainly not mind  that either,  it is a Shot of 
Butterscotch Schnapps  with Bailey's Irish Cream on top   ummm good 
desert.   But don't drink too many of them too rich and sweet.

Now those Country Line Dancers don't drink much, because they can't 
remember all the steps and they tend to trip over the pointed toes of 
their Boots. :))  Yee Haw !!   And it's hard to git back in the saddle 
agin' when you git that drunk too:))

So I prefer to pay a cover charge to support the Band rather than spend 
$50.00 or more to get drunk and try to ride that damned Bull to impress 
them purty girls, and maybe sick and fall out of the saddle, if I am 
even lucky enough to get into the saddle anyway. :))

Us older folks that don't spend that much money on the Booze and food 
that we once did should have the courtesy to pay a cover charge in it's 
place to hire a band to listen and dance to, most of us can afford to 
do so, heck especially if it's ONLY ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON A MONTH for 
cryin' out loud.



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I have read in the past that patrons doing a lot of dancing don't buy 
much booze and this is the reason for a cover charge.  Have also read 
that find that bars with blues playing sell more booze than those with

upbeat music, that those with live bands playing, "my wife and dog both 
home--I wish they'd leave again"; i.e., whatever makes one blue and 
country sell

more beer.  I also know we old folks going out to hear the jazz are not 

the booze, food, etc. that we did once upon a time in  establishments.

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Dear  David,
More speed than haste, as usual.
The last bit of the last line  should have read '.......the patrons 
buy booze while we were  playing.'
Kind regards,


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