[Dixielandjazz] Selling (or not) Music and Booze/Changed Topic

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Mon Jan 1 13:54:33 PST 2007

I have read in the past that patrons doing a lot of dancing don't buy as  
much booze and this is the reason for a cover charge.  Have also read of  studies 
that find that bars with blues playing sell more booze than those with  
upbeat music, that those with live bands playing, "my wife and dog both came  
home--I wish they'd leave again"; i.e., whatever makes one blue and country sell  
more beer.  I also know we old folks going out to hear the jazz are not  buying 
the booze, food, etc. that we did once upon a time in  establishments.
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Dear  David,
More speed than haste, as usual.
The last bit of the last line  should have read '.......the patrons didn't
buy booze while we were  playing.'
Kind regards,

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