[Dixielandjazz] Handling chops

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Buy him a Bass, or euphonium, or let him play another drum :))  
Preferably the Bass Drum :))


Tom Wiggins   who wishes he could play Tuba so he could get off the 
Bass Drum which weighs more than our tuba :))

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         Hah!  What do _you_ know, Jim, you're a trombone picker, not a 
tuba player.
     Tuba players are (at least nominally, in the minds of the rest of
the dixieland band) brass players, but i get very little sympathy
(aw...) when i point out that i'm playing every beat (plus usually a
lot of walking bass, runs, high notes, etc.) of every bar in every
song in every set we play.  That's OK if a) you're young and chops of
steel and even practice every week or so, but more (ahem) mature
players tend not to play every day nor practice more than every other
presidential administration.
     So.  What to do to let the tuba player rest?  Piano number?
Oops, no piano.  Banjo solo?
     What do other bands do who have tuba players?

     Dan (ouch)
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>To give the chops a break, slip in a rhythm section only song, or do a
>rhythm & solo horn number (letting the other guys rest).  Gives the 
>a rest, also, with a change of sound.
>Someone mentioned being worried about the rhythm guys not getting a 
>Don't worry about them.  If you've ever ridden in a bus or car after a 
>with a drummer, for instance, you will know they just keep on keeping 
>beat for ever & ever!  Thumpety, thump, thump on anything they can get 
>hands on.  So, don't worry about them.  They like it!   :>

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