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Perhaps the fault of what is not being discussed on DJML falls in the lap of 
members such as the person who wrote to you off-list.

If he wants to have a discussion different than what is currently being 
discussed on DJML, why does he not post a message with the content of which 
he is interested in?

We have close to 600 members.  Probably only 30 of them post & 5 post all of 
the time.  The other 550 or so just lurk & read.

Complaining off-list to another member gets nowhere.  I encourage this 
person + others who just lerk, to start their own threads.  That is why this 
List was created.

--Bob Ringwald
DJML Moderator

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Here's what one fellow sent directly to me following my
posting--reading it is only for the hardy, perhaps swallowed most
easily with a big shot of gin in front of yourself --   He didn't send
it directly to DJML just because he's "that kind of guy" - - --Quote as

> Bill, I did a double-take when I read your comment about not looking
> at the living bands interpreting or pitching OKOM. I’m a newbie to
> this list, but I have found it largely disappointing for its (by and
> large) pedantic focus on who was playing 2nd cornet during the air
> check in 1933 when it’s known that so-and-so took a bathroom break.
> Making that example up, but it’s consistent with the drone of
> bickering/yammering that pervades most of this discussion, and I think
> it misses the point. At least it misses any point that I am
> interested in -- as a “young” (mid-50s) player/bandleader -- which is
> the state of OKOM delivery and appreciation today. And that can be a
> fairly broad subject encompassing players/bands/performance, new and
> old adaptations of the music, and the biz. Don’t get me wrong, DJML
> trivial pursuit has its place — I am an amateur music historian myself
> -- but it seems to be the dominant focus of a lot of list members, who
> themselves have pretty “dominant” personalities and opinions. (It’s
> the same dozen guys talking to themselves.) That dry stuff can only go
> so far for the rest of us unless you happen to be totally living with
> your memories. I prefer to think that the OKOM glass is half full
> today and microscoping its past leaves me pretty bored. Which is why I
> will not become a regular contributor to this list. (And what happens
> next when those same dozen guys join the big jam session in the sky?)

[End of quote  . . .Returning to my stuff]   . .. Did Keeely Smith
sweat, or perspire?

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