[Dixielandjazz] Jazz Chord Charts

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 4 11:16:46 PST 2007

For those interested in chord charts, the following site may prove useful.


While most of them are straight ahead jazz, there are some OKOM overlaps. If
you register there, (FREE) you can access 500 songs.

Not only that but the charts are UNIVERSAL in that chords are listed as I7,
or 1117 which enable you to transpose easily to any key if you are
conversant in how the chords relate, using that system.

If not, you can bring up the chords in any key, like Bb7 or F7, by clicking
on the left of the chord chard page once it appears.

The chords are "modern" as you will see by comparing say "After You've Gone"
in Bb in the Real Book to After You've Gone in an OKOM fake book.

It also lists the top 100 jazz songs (by their count) which you can easily
access after you register.

Just type in a user name and password at the top left of the site and the
click on register.

Steve Barbone

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