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Hi guys:  I am back, was on the run today when I saw that and sent it 
to Steve:

We can't MAKE our Children enjoy Jazz  instead of Football, and we 
should not TRY to MAKE Them enjoy it, but rather simply find clever 
ways to allow them to discover it for themselves.  The Jazz will do 
it's own magic on them if it is good, sooner or later.

But dragging them away to be forced to sit at a youth Jazz band concert 
on Superbowl Sunday is simply not going to work especially on any kid 
who has ever heard of the Superbowl, even if they are not rabid 
football fans.   Forcing your kids to do anything has usually never 
worked no matter what it is unless it is Drug Rehab and often that does 
not even work unfortunately.

Tricking them into going any other SUNDAY WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE 
especially if they actually had a good time, but it would be advisable 
to take them and a couple of their friends and bribe them with a stop 
afterwards at their favorite hangout for food.   Better yet create a 
small part time job for them at the event like selling Band Cds or 
helping sell memberships, distribute flyers or anything that would make 
them actually feel connected to a room full of old folks.  Heck set up 
a False Teeth washing concession if you need to. But try to get them 
involved.   Maybe tell them to get interviews with the youth bands, and 
then submit them to the Jazz Society newsletter etc,  inter action 
between the young works like magic.   Let them surprise YOU.

P.S.  I have three sons, one into Pink Floyd, and one into Heavy Metal, 
and one into Country music,   the first two bring their kids to hear 
Grampa's band when they can.  You think that didn't shock ME, and two 
of my grandsons (5 & 9) are already playing the drums, and another one 
(9) is on violin, I gave him a video on Jonathan and he was very 
inspired.  I have two grandaughters 15,&16  one is a very good singer 
and aspiring actress, and the other is majoring in Ipod.


Tom Wiggins

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   Steve wrote, regarding a clip sent to him by Tom:

What a great idea!!! "Make your children enjoy jazz - instead of 

How do we do that, with a whip? Or by dragging them somewhere they may 

Want to be? What genius thought up that idea?

Me? I'm watching the super bowl. I've got the rest of the year to enjoy

Jazz.   Cheers,  Steve Barbone

----Steve,  Kevin and I have had season tickets to the USC Trojan games 
about 25 years.  And even though I try to hush when we are surrounded 
by our
truly rabid football pals, all wonderful folks, the BAND (and of course 
magnificent Traveler galloping on the sidelines!) is the highlight of my
days at the L.A. Coliseum.  And I sure hope those kids enjoy playing in 
marvelous marching band!

Of course this is not an improvisational event....but I have always 
how much I would prefer MY child to be playing in the band to playing 
on the
football field.  I know there is  a place for both....and lord knows the
football players who make it to the pros will out-earn the 
my love is always for the musicians.

Thanks to Tom for the clip on the San Jose Youth Orchestra!

And yes, we WILL be watching the Super Bowl and having a great time with
friends.....(Even though the Saints won't be Marching In!)


janie39 at socal.rr.com

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