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Sat Sep 30 14:17:30 PDT 2006

Jim Kashishian wrote:

>Bill "Thimbles" Gunter wrote:
>(A)If you've never seen a quaint old Southern city Just think of New
>(A)If you've never seen that town, boy, it's a pity, There's nothing like
>New Orleans.
>(B)(bridge)It will remind you of old fashioned lace, A glass of wine will
>greet your smiling face,
>(A)And if you ever see a black-eyed gal like mine, boy, You know you're in
>New Orleans.
>However, Bill, AABA normally refers to a 32 bar song, each one of the facets
>being 8 bars.
>On Hoagy's tune, you get AABA all in the confines of 16 bars, which are
>really AA.
>Still wondering why he wrote the song that way instead of 32 bars?  No one
>seems to be biting, which means all the knowledgeable (except you, of
>course) are out gigging or simply don't care!   :>
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AABA is  not neccessarily just 32 bars, Jim. It merely implies that this 
is Sonata form.
So what we have here is a sonata. As to why Hoagy wri\ote it this way -- 
well it was his to write and he left us a simple but lovely little song that
many including Hackett loved, as did many of us.
Don (see, I did stay awake in music school) Ingle

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