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Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Tue Sep 26 23:19:03 PDT 2006

Al and anyone else interested.  It was  called the Poor Angel JS.
Bob Taber may have responded already via Bob Ringwald. If not:

The Poor Angel Jazz Society as Bob Ringwald already confirmed on the 
DJML was indeed run by Bob Taber for many years in the time frame given 
in the article or liner notes quoted. I regret to say that Bob Ringwald 
is somewhat off the mark about me attending all of those dinners with 
the wonderful food and even more wonderful music, which took place in 
the very small ballroom of a small motel in the San Fernando Valley.

If I had really known what I was missing I would have attended them all, 
but I got a late start.  He was able to get almost all the best studio 
and recording artists for OKOM in the LA area to perform at least once, 
like Bud Freeman,  and many of others several times.  Often one or two 
of these musicians had never worked with the others before, but as 
professional musicians it always seemed to work out.  Sometimes 
fantastically so. All jam sessions. As Sob would say, "Mama don't allow 
no music stands in here." Only the drummer and piano player were allowed 
to sit. Sets will start and end on time. A stern taskmaster. PIA.

Bob Taber was not a musician himself so he often invited combinations of 
musicians that he was interested in having, rather then any known 
compatibility or chemistry between them! The results were almost always 
unexpected, and good. Example: Bob Higgins, as leader, was introduced to 
Ross Tompkins 5 minutes before the start of their first set together, 
ever, by myself! It was marvelous!  That is what pros do. Right Ringwald?

Most sets were recorded for Taber's use on reel to reel recordings by 
himself, with help from other friends, and the last 5-10 years by myself 
using his recorder.  The mikes were limited and poor, the mixer equally 
so. The motel piano was a total disaster and always out of tune (The 
motel would not spend the money to tune it, and Bob was on a tight 
budget.)  Even when the record level was constantly monitored, many 
musicians were either off mike or made NO attempt to be on the mikes 
available!  Playing off to the side etc. They were not intended to be 
sold commercially, ever.  Just friends having a chance to play together 
for a receptive and listening audience, get a cheap, often lousy meal. 
and a FEW bucks. What more can a musician ask? Most were under contract, 
to different companies. Just a one night stand.

This partly explains why only the Bud Freeman tape made it on to a 
commercial recording. I suspect it took a LOT of editing by George to 
make even an acceptable recording? I was not there for that night that I 
recall. Bob has made some home made CD's for his own use once he learned 
to burn CD's, and cassettes of many others, but I do not believe he has 
had any success in finding established recording companies who want to 
accept responsibility for the quality of the recordings.  No matter how 
good the musicians were!  Some musicians were "regulars" and used often.

Most of the piano players, from the mentioned Marvin Ash, and Bob 
Ringwald, to Johnny Varro, to Ray Sherman, to Ross Tompkins, to Jackson 
Stock (a very good piano player besides his trombone playing) made that 
Sows Ear of a piano sound like a Silk Purse, but most of you 
professional musicians probably would still have a fit listening to the 
recordings! "Civilians" as Bill Allred calls us none musicians, might 
enjoy them if they were put out, however.  Any takers? Contact Taber.

Besides the musicians noted in the article quoted, musicians like Dick 
Cathcart, Betty  O'Hare, Maylon Clark and other studio musicians 
performed.  There is indeed a wealth of never before heard, and never 
before recorded combinations of musicians residing on those 
deteriorating Reel to Reel and cassette tapes in Bob's home in the 
extreme south end of Santa Maria, Ca.  At the present time I think he 
would be willing to part with them to the highest bidder, providing he 
could get a copy of the final results. :-)

It would be a monumental task that even I have not choose to tackle as a 
hobby. although I have the equipment. Perhaps too much of a good thing! 
Nor has Bob asked me to. I have enough of my own projects.

For those of you who do not have Bob Taber's address already, I am 
reluctant to give it out without checking with him first, but I would be 
  glad to forward any requests for more information to him if he is not 
back on the DJML as a lurker?

Now you know "the rest of the story".  In detail. I AM ID's as Verbose.
If you have heard it from him already. NEVER MIND.

Mad Dawg

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