[Dixielandjazz] When is it not jazz?

Ken Gates kwg28 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 21 13:54:50 PDT 2006

 A friend lent me the Smithsonian collection of classic jazz.  Or at least, one of it's forms.
Got up to side 11----The second track is 11 minutes of Cecil Taylor---"Enter Evening".
Now--I'm not going to attempt to define jazz---but certainly it must be the sound of musical
instruments (or voices) and rhythms---and important to many of us---that do so
in a manner that "swings".

Better and more knowledgable "ears" than mine can make sense of various "modal" forms and
other "modern" constructs----and I have no problem understanding that certainly those are 
forms of jazz.   But random sounds?  That is what it sounds like to my "primitive" ears.
Maybe "abstract interpretations of sound" is a category---but "jazz"---I don't get it.

Ken Gates (still striving to climb the evolutionary ladder) 

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