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Perhaps you should have identified these 3 CDs for Mike.
I would also like to know what they are.
Bill, of course I should have named the 3 MCBB CDs. I must have been in a 
hurry, or just assumed that a search on the Worlds Records site would have turned 
them up - as I recall, there were only the three. However, here they are:
    1) Mound City Blue Blowers: Hot Comb & Tin Can (recordings from 1924 to 
            Vintage Music Productions 2005  VMP 0151
    2) Timeless Historical Presents Mound City Blue Blowers - 1935 &1936
            Timeless Records B.V.  1994    Timeless CBC 1-018 JAZZ
    3) Timeless Historical Presents Red McKensie  -  1935 - 1937
            Timeless Records B.V. 1994    Timeless CBC  1-019 JAZZ

    The Blue Blowers did operate through 1937 with the likes of Berigan, 
Hackett, Condon, et al as evidenced by these recordings and also according to Rust.
    At any rate, it's been fun for me to reconstruct this music and to be 
able to play it now with folks like Randy Reinhart, Eddie Metz Jr, Paul Hubbell 
(reeds) and Spencer Reed (guitar) who is able to play great solos and hum 
(scat) along with the solos (no kazoos allowed - yet). Maybe after 10 festival 
invitations. The great thing is, you can be the Blue Blowers - or in our case "The 
New Mound City Blue Blowers" with anywhere from 3 men to 8, which helps to 
dispel the "you're too expensive" myth.
    Regards, Ed Metz

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