[Dixielandjazz] What's happening in Budapest?

Tamas Ittzes bohem at fibermail.hu
Tue Sep 19 14:22:51 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Although Bill Gunter asked me privately about the situation in Hungary
but I think that most people on the list would be interested, so I am
copying this to the DJML. Sorry, there is only a little jazz content, so
please, make remarks privately, if there's any.
The political news we're receiving from Hungary and Budapest in
seems pretty grim.

Can you give me a quick idea of what is happening and does it have any 
impact on either you or the festival?

I certainly hope all is well with you and that conditions are not as
as our press makes them out to be.
No, things are certainly not that bad. We have a bunch of assholes in
the government and our prime minister is one of the worst figures in
politics Hungary has ever experienced. He has a very good self-marketing
strategy, he is a great businessman but has no moral and is gambling
with the people in Hungary and now we seem to have enough. But besides
seeing lot of people in the streets (after work only!) demonstrating
against the government there's nothing happening. Well, last night they
attacked the TV pretty rudely but I think, this is over and the whole
thing will not last for very long. And it does not effect jazz life, we
just had our club meeting (and heard a mass of people shouting against
the government outside) and will have the festival, no problem. Hungary
is not a riot-place, people will not kill each other and they rather go
to cultural things than to demonstrate. (There is folk music groups
entertaining the people out by the Parliament, by the way.) Thanks for
asking, I am back to lurking.

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