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Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
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Re:  CoquetteBillm
Your welcome  and thanks for the "young fella" part.     LOL
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    >There is a track on redhotjazz.com entitled Coquette (a waltz)
    - elsewhere referred to as by Irving Berlin. I believe it may be the one in
    question.  It is by Paul Whiteman Orch. with a vocal by Bing Crosby. 
    Have a listen and determine if I am right.
    Craig Johnson<

  Dear Craig,
  "Well bugger me", as we Australians are wont to say when amazed.
  I had already checked the Red Hot Jazz site and somehow missed that entry.
  I'm definitely due for putting out to pasture, or down.
  I had also checked my Whiteman records and only came up with the Lombardo-Green-Kahn version.
  After listening to the link you gave and realising that it was Bing singing, I went straight to my LP shelves and found that I have it!
  Once again, thank you young fella.
  Kind regards,

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