[Dixielandjazz] To Jim Kashishian., re: Miami

Steve & Cathy Pendleton bestofbreed at alltel.net
Fri Sep 8 07:02:45 PDT 2006

Hello, Jim,
Thanks again for your kindness of a few months back, also the horn
recommendation.  Enjoying the YSL-691 immensely.
As to your question of what area of Miami to stay in... poor English  
>: -(    .... may I recommend South Beach.   The Art Deco architecture
spreading for blocks and blocks right off the ocean, is charming, even magic
after dark.    South Beach is on the National Register of Historic Sites. 
The "main drag," while definitely a tourist trap, is very laid back and
seems to be frequented by the locals.   Sidewalk restaurants of all
varieties and price ranges abound.  Music ranges from single street
performers to full bands on stage.  All the bands I have heard, play stuff
that us "older folks" can enjoy, Reggae, Brazilian, other Caribbean and
Latin American styles.  
Most hotels are one and two blocks behind (West of) the main street which is
adjacent to the Beach.  The guest rooms are usually small, from what I can
determine from the street.  These hotels are authentic 20's-30's structures,
right down to the furnishings.  I have eaten lunch in several of the hotel
restaurants.  Many are not even air conditioned, but fans and high ceilings
make the experience quite pleasant.  I would think, however, that the guest
rooms are  air conditioned.  Not sure about pricing, but you probably will
not find anything decent that is "moderately priced" for blocks and blocks,
even the chains.  
>From what I recall of Madrid way back (in the early 70's), you should enjoy
the atmosphere and surroundings.  Sorry that I cannot recommend any OKOM.
May have to immerse yourself in the Latin experience while there--and it's
not a bad experience!
Steve Pendleton

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