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> Viper Six, a regular at Mother?s Tavern in downtown San Luis Obispo, will
> play jazz and swing from the 1930s and ?40s, with a mix of original
> material. Ted Waterhouse, who leads Viper Six on guitar, said he tries to
> write songs that sound like those from that era. The band also features
> trumpet, two saxophones, bass and vocals.
> Waterhouse said swing music has a uniqueness that attracts contemporary
> audiences. "I think people see this as something so original," Waterhouse
> said. "Of course it?s not, but it seems fresh, and I think that appeals to a
> lot of young people."

Rushing here, sorry for any errors and omissions...
For anyone at the Pismo Festival who saw the Viper Six:
That was my sister, Sharon Doran, as their vocalist (aka Ms. Buffy).

Hey, I really enjoyed Pismo and the chance to see some of our list mates
there. Flip Oakes is doing a great job swinging hard with Titan Hot 7, which
seemed to be the favorite band at the festival. Jeff Barnhart was playing
the piano so hard on Sat. night that there was a volunteer holding it to
make sure it didn¹t get pushed off stage. Great energy! My siblings (ages 47
to 55) were there to see my sister¹s band, and they liked Titan Hot 7 the
best because of their high-energy music and how much fun they were all
having while playing and goofing around on stage between songs. I made a lot
of new friends, plus was happy to chat with list mates Jane Lynch, Margaret
Squires and Mike, and Jim Fusaro... although there were a few folks that
normally are there but weren¹t due to the rotating band schedule -‹ next
year, guys! 

Paul Reid, list mate and piano player for Cornet Chop Suey, was getting
praise from Midiri Bros.¹ drummer, Jim Lawlor, for playing hard and really
driving the band (that also has great energy ‹ and great harmony on vocals,
too). A whole lotta sound there!

Dan Barrett was subbing on cornet for Creole Syncopators, who have the
wonderful Jeff Beaumont on soprano sax -- sounding so much like Sidney
Bechet! All of his horns are pre-1925 (or thereabouts), and he was taught
how to play by a group of musicians who had moved to L.A. from New Orleans,
so he has that authentic style going on!

Reeds player Anita Thomas was a special guest at the festival and blew the
roof off the final set with Titan Hot 7. She said she will be returning to
her native Australia soon. Our loss but Sydney¹s gain. Since she and Bill
Haesler both know Bob Barnard, I hope they can get to know each other when
she moves back there.

I really missed seeing list mate Bob Finch with Chicago Six. He has been in
the hospital with double pneumonia since his band played in Sun Valley,
Idaho last weekend. While his band mate joked that they will let Bob come
home as soon as he can pay his hospital bill, I got the impression that this
is pretty serious, so I¹d like to know where I can send him a card. Does
anyone on the list have an update on Bob? Do you know where I can write to
him? I lit a candle for him and sent good thoughts his way, and I know that
everyone on this list who knows him will also send their good thoughts his
way. (Get well soon, Bob!)

Love and hugs,

P.S. Good thoughts to Margaret Squires, too, for her mother who is not well.

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