[Dixielandjazz] Pandora Need feedback to them for OKOM.

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Sat Oct 28 14:32:34 PDT 2006

I am far enough behind in reading the digests that I am sure this has 
been covered already, but if so, this is an update on the Internet music 
  PLAYING service called Pandora. Or the Pandora Project as they like to 
call it. All operations are not obvious or intuitive.


Instant samples will play. Turn down your volume

Notes to the wise:

1. They operate under a set a rules that may be those of any radio 
station in order to avoid extensive fees I suspect. I.E. no more then 4 
songs from any one artist in a 4 hour period, even if that artist is the 
one you specifically set the "stations" up for. Be patient. It is free.
Your artist may play 3 times the first hour. Then only similar artists.

2. They currently do not have a LOT of OKOM as far as Dixieland and Trad 
goes.  More swing bands or swing oriented musicians. Some are hard to 
pin down in their search engine, and you may find them under recordings 
with other artists.

Example:  Howard Alden does not get a hit, but it asks you in a list of 
"Howards" if you mean "George Van Eps and Howard Alden"?!  Of course.

They apparently search by first name!  Thus make sure you have the first 
name correct and you stand a better chance.  Poor programming?

3. More common bands like Goodman and Dorsey are there and Louis. Also 
solo piano players like Earl Hines or even some of our current piano 
players. Don't expect, yet, to find ones like Eddie Higgins or Johnny 
Varro for your piano music station, unless they get more feedback or 
requests. This is a hint. See the subject line.

Bookmark songs to be ordered later.

4. In addition to an obvious options menu below the thumbnail album 
covers, you can also click on the album cover itself and get options. 
Some are the same as the drop down menu. Some are unique.

Two thumbs down on an artist that is NOT part of your station setup and 
they are gone from that station forever. If you like the artist, but not 
all their recordings, be sure to add the artist to the station profile. 
Thumbs down on a song will cancel it from playing immediately. Canceling 
from the drop down menu will ban the song from that station in the future.

5.  From the so called "backstage" page on the site, you can write to 
the REAL people running the site and suggest artists you think should be 
represented or find out what you are doing wrong. Spelling, etc.

6. Perhaps most important to many on the list, this site does NOT 
download any programs to your computer. All music is played from the 
site and you can have up to 100 stations (so they say) free if you can 
live with occasional ads. (So far visual ads.) Or pay them, like many 
other music sites, for no advertising.  Full songs are played.

7. You have to make sure your browser is set up to give you either a new 
page automatically when you surf to another site, or select a new page 
manually from your File menu in your browser. If not you will lose the 
music as their page goes away.  Not like WMP or Real Players which are 
browsers in their own right and continue to play even if you close your 
Internet browser or go to another site.  This is NOT realized by 
everyone I have found.

End of tips.

This is a "minimal" site and all the above is not obvious to the casual 
user.  At least not from the home page. Sample music will start 
immediately. Make sure no one is sleeping nearby or your speakers are 
turned down before going to the site.

If you really think about it, their concept is a step above most of the 
current music sites. Full songs by either the artists or the types of 
artists you might like. Stations are based on your tastes in music or 
what you feel like listening to today.  All Rap maybe after a night of 
playing or listening to OKOM?  Unwind.

Example: Make a station for Django Reinhart. In addition to Django you 
will hear many sound alike groups, some very good, that you probably 
have never heard before.

Give it a try if you have not already.

It may work only in the US. I am not sure. Any list mates outside the US 
might like to comment on that. It takes only a few seconds to try.

Mad Dawg

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