[Dixielandjazz] Clarinets

Steve & Cathy Pendleton bestofbreed at alltel.net
Wed Oct 25 15:32:43 PDT 2006

In my limited experience playing Dixieland since 1972, there have always
been more than enough trombone players, but very few clarinets.  
My original group has experienced one clarinet in its entire existence and,
thank God, he has appeared in every gig the band has ever had (many thanks
to you, LRG.)  He is a great player, so the group would never need to seek
anyone else.  
Whenever a trombone subject comes up on this list, the thread goes on and
on, telling me that there are plenty of slushpumpers signed on.  
Is this wealth/dearth of instruments common throughout DJML Land?  I would
be interested to hear.  And, if so, why is this the case?  
All the best,
Steve Pendleton
A little North of Atlanta 

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