[Dixielandjazz] Dixieland fakebooks available

Ira Greenstein chiefira at winfirst.com
Thu Oct 19 13:02:40 PDT 2006

I have a few copies of a dixieland fakebook available for sale.  It was prepared by Bob Neighbor, a trumpet player, who no longer distributes the book.  For those of you who are familiar with it, Bob's original book was notated by hand, contained 318 songs and did not have the words for any of the songs.  However, this is an enhanced version of Bob's original book.   The music is computer generated, there are 424 songs (with chords) and I would guess that around half of the songs contain the words.  It is a "C" book.  The books are in new condition and are very clearly printed.  They have a coil-type plastic binding so they stay open nicely on a music stand.  They also have a nice heavy-duty, but flexible, cover.  I'm asking $40 each plus $5 for shipping.  If you are interested, contact me via e-mail.  First come, first served.  When they are gone, they are gone.  I'm not aware of any other sources.

Ira Greenstein
Sacramento, CA
chiefira at winfirst.com

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