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Hi Steve,  Thanks for your compliments for St. Louis Banjo Club!   Tom Exler 
did indeed do the vocals except on Radio and on Lida Rose on CD  #2.  Dave 
Whistler did those--in fact it was Dave that introduced Radio to  St. Louis Club 
via his admiration for Banu's version.  St. Louis Banjo Club  now has out a 
second CD entitled Still Living in the Past.
I want to give applause to the tenor banjoist who is now Music Director for  
St. Louis Banjo Club, banjoist on all the CDs of the St. Louis Classic  
Stompers, and the latest CDs of the Jazz Incredibles, and Jeanne Kittrell  and St. 
Louis Riverman.  Many of the single string licks and lead you  hear on the 
banjo club CDs are coming from him also.  That jazz man is  Bobby Grimm, a peach 
of a player and a peach of a guy--not to take away anything  from John Becker 
who is also my fine friend.
P.S. Write to Steve to find out how you can order these CDs by mail.   ( I go 
to St. Louis Banjo Club twice a month, but don't know who to send an  order 
too. ROFL.  i do know they are $15 or 2 for $30 not including mailing  costs.
P.P.S.  I just figured out--you have got to be Rusty's "kid".   Talk about a 
Peach of a Guy--they didn't grow 'em any better--and still don't  than your 
pop!!!  Love your mom, too!!!
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The  version of "Radio"with the lyrics posted on our list today, was
performed  masterfully by the St. Louis Banjo Club two years ago.  

Their CD,  featuring Tom Wexler on vocals and banjo, and also John  Becker,
octogenerian and favorite banjo in St. Louis who is still as sharp  as ever,
also contains a top-notch rendition of "I'll See You In My Dreams"  along
with twelve other standards. 

Instrumentation includes  anywhere from five to twenty banjos, the tuba, and
a trombone.  I know  both tuba players (one, who was 84 at time of recording,
has since passed  away) but not the trombonist, unfortunately.   

Larry Walton,  I know that you know both of these banjo players well from the
St. Louis  Stompers and other groups.  

If interested contact me for the  person you can write for a CD.  You will
not be disappointed.  

Best regards to all,

Steve  Pendleton


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