[Dixielandjazz] Late Night Jazz?

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 16 18:39:14 PDT 2006

Ya gotta admire the attempt (see below article) no matter how feeble. Late
night? Heck, the 52nd Street they talk about below routinely went from 9PM
to 3AM, and often until dawn as they locked the doors and kept playing
before an appreciative crowd. Condon's and the other joints in the Village
too kept "late" till 3AM hours. As did the joints where I played in the 50s.

Gee whiz, not only are most of today's jazz musicians fragile, but so too,
it seems, is the jazz audience. Could the below quote be on target?

³Jazz Musicians are always talking about, ŒWhy isn¹t jazz popular.¹ But jazz
musicians today are completely devoid of charisma. People never really liked
the music in the first place. So now you have musicians who are proficient
at playing instruments, and people sit there, and it¹s just boring to them ‹
because they¹re trying to see something, or feel it.² (Branford Marsalis)

Steve Barbone

IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB 1650 BROADWAY (Corner of 51st) NEW YORK, NY 10023
RESERVATIONS: 212-582-2121 http://www.iridiumjazzclub.com/

The Iridium Jazz Club is pleased to announce their new ³Late Nite² Series
presenting the next generation of  cutting edge, rising jazz stars in a
series of special midnight  performances every Friday and Saturday night.

Without question New York City is the jazz capital of the world where
veterans and new comers alike come to establish their jazz credentials.  And
just like the nearby famed 52nd Street, ŒThe Street That Never Slept¹,
where every imaginable style of jazz was played into the wee hours of the
morning the Iridium is pleased to continue this ŒLate Nite¹ tradition
with their new series, curated by trumpeter David Weis. The series begins
November 10th at Midnight and will go until 1:30AM. There will be a $15
music charge and $10 minimum. So if you¹re out and about be sure to add the
Iridium ŒLate Nite¹ hang to your schedule. They¹ll be lots of great music
and many musical surprises.

Iridium Jazz Club ³Late Nite² Series Schedule (snipped because they are not
OKOM and most of us are unfamiliar with them)

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