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Thu Oct 5 09:34:57 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Bill Sharp wrote (regarding the key/timbre thingee):

>    Wow!   Some of you guys are totally amazing at what lengths you have
>gone to over this key/timbre thing.  I think it all revolves around the
>fundamental issue, "Does it sound Good?".

First of all, what is our music if we ignore such basics as key and timbre?  
Doo doo! that's what!

And this business of "Does it sound good" being the fundamental issue helps 
not in the least!

"Sounds good" is the most subjective of evaluations and what "sounds good" 
to you may sound like s*** to me!

The concept that keys have their own "tone color" has been stated by some as 
an objective reality.

I'd like to explore that, and so far I've been told that if I have to ask 
I'll never know and that basically all it means is "does it sound good." 
Also I've received a lot of discussion about how this or that horn sounds 
when you tweak the valves or lengthen the tubing. That's not the issue.

All I can conclude is that most of you are as much in the dark on this as I 
am except for those who have talked about "Synesthesia" (which is defined 
as:  the evocation of one kind of sense impression when another sense is 
stimulated, for example, the sensation of color when a sound is heard).

I'm not interested in being "one upped" in this matter . . . here is a 
musical phenomenon which has been articulated which I wish to explore and 
all I get is gobbledegook.


Bill "What is the difference between the "tone-color" of Eb as opposed to 
A?" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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