[Dixielandjazz] Music and the Fibonacci series

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Wed Oct 4 21:20:39 PDT 2006

     The physics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, practice, composition, 
performance, perception, and art of music are in no way based on the 
Fibonacci series.
     For those who think it is, see Ambrose Bierce's definition of 'phrenology':
           "The science of picking the pocket through the scalp. It consists in
            locating and exploiting the organ that one is a dupe with."

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>Lots of research & books, even!  (according to a 30 second google 
>search ;-)
>The Math Behind the Music
>By Leon Harkleroad
>and much more...
>Dave Richoux
>On Oct 4, 2006, at 6:45 PM, Bill Gunter wrote:
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>>  Has anyone made a study of the relationship of fibonacci numbers to
>  > the musical scale?
>  >
>>  Cheers,
>>  Bill "Enquiring minds want to know" Gunter
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